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* MCPDP / HOW TO ACCESS AND UPLOAD CPD Certificates NCK Kenya by katty: November 26, 2020, 05:21:48 AM
For those asking how to upload cpd points, this is for you try to follow me here, now there are two sites the NCK portal and wcea portal linked to the NCK main portal, so

1️⃣.Type ** and log into your account using PW and username.. ~create account if you do not have one~

2️⃣. Once logged in, you will see renewal, CPD, curfew, Immigration, just scroll down to login to view course and *click WCEA* page will open up on a different window, switch to it ~but remember we will come back to this window under CPD to upload courses.~

3️⃣. In the WCEA page several courses will appear, *study and do the exams.*

4️⃣.On the same page click *Education Tracker,* all the courses done will appear, so scroll down and click *Export Summary Report.* A download will immediately start showing all the summary of courses done. This file will be in download folder and its the file we shall upload under *self reporting.*

5️⃣. Go back to the NCK home page and *click CPD* .

6️⃣. Click *self reporting* tool then *self reporting link* just below the page.

7️⃣. On the page that will appear, under event category, *click the drop down arrow* scroll down and select accredited online Cpd activities /programs.
Under Event Attended type WCEA .
Under Location of the event type Home Online Study.
Then select date attended.

8️⃣. On the same page under upload CPD evidence, *click choose file* and, point to download folder and select the file you downloaded earlier. You will see the file appear just next to choose file

9️⃣. Verify you got the right file then click submit.
NCK will verify in 24 hrs and your points will appear on the home page.

_Do you want know some of the courses with many CPD points ?_
_CA-MRSA & ARDS, Cancer In Women,ICU,Standards health care Management, etc_

For more technical information you can 📧 nck in :- **
In *Nurses CME Forum* we can also guide you on how to access your portal and CPD courses
* News / DENOSA fully support CWU in its campaign on saving jobs at SABC by katty: November 22, 2020, 05:12:00 PM
The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) is in full support of its sister affiliate CWU in its quest to save the 400 jobs that are hanging on the line at the public broadcaster, SABC.

The stance taken by the SABC Board to gun for the defenceless and vulnerable workers, who earn a pittance compared to executive management's fat pay, bears testimony to the fact that this board has proven not to be the needed solution to saving the SABC.

They opt for a decision that will close doors of SABC in the end. As an organisation for nurses in the country, DENOSA is reliant on SABC in conveying health messages to the masses of our people in their homes and in the language they understand.

As nurses, we sympathize with the journalists who have been with us in the wards during the most difficult time in this country when COVID-19 was wreaking havoc, reporting on the scourge that was taking its toll on nurses and other healthcare workers to the nation. The Board and executive management were nowhere to be found.

It is unfortunate that now that the dust has somewhat settled for a while, the same journalists who empowered the nation with relevant information are being thrown under the bus by the ruthless board.

DENOSA appeals to both the Minister of Communications and Members of Parliament not to allow this senselessness and madness to be approved, and that they must overturn this shallow-minded decision.

DENOSA wishes every employee at SABC all the strength and calls on them to stand up and raise their voice on this struggle, which matters greatly to them.

While we pledge our solidarity, we also appeal for their support as the same challenge is likely to hit the workers in the public sector, which is starting by undermining of collective bargaining agreements.


Issued by DENOSA
* News / Philippines Lifts Ban on Filipino Nurses Who Wants To Travel Out, Set Limit by katty: November 22, 2020, 04:50:14 PM
Only 5,000 health care workers will be allowed to leave every year to ensure the Philippines, which has the second-highest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in Southeast Asia, will have enough medical professionals to fight the pandemic, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said Saturday.

This was after President Rodrigo Duterte has approved ending a ban on deploying health care workers overseas­—nurses and other medical workers—in face of the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 413,000 and killed at least 8,000 in the Philippines.

Duterte’s approval removed the bar that checked thousands of nurses to take up jobs abroad, Bello said.

This developed after nurses in public hospitals were also up in arms over an inadvertent demotion after the government raised their entry-level play to Salary Grade 15, or about P32,000 per month last July.

Instead of correspondingly upgrading the salaries of senior nurses, hospitals used the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Circular No. 2020-4 as basis against a general salary increase, the Filipino Nurses United (FNU) said.

Dated July 17, the circular was notable for upgrading nurses’ entry salary from SG 11 (about P22,000) to SG 15 (about P32,000), but it also effectively demoted long-serving nurses.

The circular modified the Nurse II position with SG 15 to the lower position of Nurse I, but with the same salary grade as Nurse II. As a result, nurses in the Nurse II to VII positions not only did not get any corresponding salary increase but were even demoted.

Last month, the Department of Health (DOH) issued Memorandum No. 2020-466 suspending the implementation of the DBM circular for Nurse II and above. According to the FNU, many hospitals ignored the order and have accordingly demoted their senior nurses.

“Thousands of nurses … suffered from demoralization and confusion as they were pressured by their employers to sign reappointment documents that demote them one rank from their current position,” the group said in a statement.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration suspended the deployment of doctors, nurses, and health care workers abroad to preserve its frontline force against the pandemic.

The ban took effect April 2 but was later revised to allow health workers with existing employment contracts as of March 8, 2020 to leave the country.

But the clamor mostly from nurses’ groups prompted the government to reconsider expanding the exemption to include health professionals with complete overseas employment contracts as of Aug. 31, 2020.

Around 1,000 to 1,500 nurses were affected by the temporary ban that began in April, according to POEA Administrator Bernard Olalia.

Earlier on, Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said health professionals with complete overseas employment documents as of Aug. 31, 2020 were permitted to leave the country.

Previously, only health care workers with existing employment contracts as of March 8, 2020 were allowed to work abroad as the Philippines, a key exporter of nurses and other medical workers, sought to keep a reserve force in its battle against the pandemic.

The Philippines initially suspended the deployment of doctors, nurses, and health care workers abroad effective April 2.

The ban was aimed to “prioritize human resource allocation for the national health care system at the time of the national state of emergency,” the POEA said in a memorandum.

Workers covered by the deployment ban were the following:

• Medical doctor/physician

• Nurse

• Microbiologist

• Molecular biologist

• Medical technologist

• Clinic analyst

• Respiratory therapist

• Pharmacist

• Laboratory technician

• X-ray/ radiologic technician

• Nursing assistant/nursing aid

• Operator of medical equipment

• Supervisor of health services and personal care

• Repairman of medical-hospital equipment

On October 1, the DOLE said it was open to lifting the overseas deployment ban on Filipino health workers as senators raised concerns over job opportunities for nurses.

“Our minds are very, very open to the possibility of lifting the temporary suspension of deployment,” Bello said during the Senate hearing on his agency’s proposed 2021 budget.

The labor chief made the statement after Sen. Nancy Binay said other countries may opt to hire nurses from other countries since they are unable to get Filipinos due to the ban.

Binay said, “Our nurses might not find jobs abroad anymore if the ban continues for a long time, because nurses from other countries may have already been hired.”

But Bello at that time said Binay’s worry was “far fetched” as Filipino nurses were “the most preferred nurses in the world.”

* News / UK Nurse Suspended, Reported To Nursing Council for Spreading COVID Conspiracy by katty: November 22, 2020, 04:37:01 PM
*Workers reported Tracey McCallum to bosses at Crosshouse Hospital in Ayrshire
 *The 45-year-old from Darvel was also reported to Nursing and Midwifery Council
*She has called Covid outbreak a 'scamdemic' and likened vaccines to 'genocide'
 *It comes as membership for an 'anti-vaxxer' NHS group doubled in size overnight

A NHS nurse has been suspended for spreading Covid conspiracy theories including that face masks help spread the virus and likening vaccines to 'genocide'.

Colleagues reported Tracey McCallum to NHS24 bosses at Crosshouse Hospital in Ayrshire, Scotland, after she branded the outbreak a 'scamdemic'.

The 45-year-old from Darvel was also reported to the Nursing and Midwifery Council after telling people vitamins and minerals could beat off the disease.

It comes as membership for an 'anti-vaxxer' NHS group that compared the Pfizer jab to 'poison' doubled overnight.

Matt Hancock last night revealed Britain has secured five million doses of Moderna's vaccine after UK officials scrambled to strike a last-minute deal with the US firm.

Meanwhile a far-right group has called for a 'violent insurrection' against firms working on a Covid jab in Germany.

Ms McCallum, who has worked for the NHS for 20 years, was suspended earlier this month after being off sick for weeks with work-related stress.

But she said she has spent hours doing her own research and has shared it in nursing groups.

A post on her Facebook, attributed to Polish author Monika Wisniewska, said: 'The vaccine should be tested on politicians first.'

The bizarre message added: 'If they survive, the vaccine is safe. If they don't, then the country is safe.'

One of her comments also said: 'NO PRIMARY CARE AT ALL.

'That will increase hospital admissions and deaths and keep this scamdemic going forever.

'Management everywhere are bullies and control us. Its all a game to see who can be the most sadistic.'

Another post claimed: 'I believe the NHS is as corrupt as the Government.'

While one more added: 'More people are waking up from the lie since birth. Tyranny! Genocide! Treason!

The world is going to be a better brighter place when we all move from the dark side.'

Ms McCallum has since stood by her comments and claimed she was targeted by top brass for asking 'too many questions'.

The nurse also backs Donald Trump's claim hydroxychloroquine was the way to beat the virus, despite experts' fears it could have dangerous side effects.

She claimed: 'There are 170-odd peer reviews that have said they have had really good outcomes with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and vitamins C and D, because our immune systems are amazing things.

'The drug is for malaria, but if it works, it works. I'd rather try that – something that's been around for years and is a good medication for a lot of things – than try a vaccine. I'm not being a guinea pig for that.'

On her genocide comment - which saw her removed from a 34,000-strong group chat called Nurses Roar - Ms McCallum doubled down.

She claimed nurses were tricked into medicating people during the war and Holocaust and alleges there were 'a lot of bad side effects'.

A spokesman for NHS24 told MailOnline: 'All matters relating to NHS 24 staff are treated in strictest confidence and in line with our internal processes. We are unable to comment further.'

NHS workers appearing to be flocking to 'anti-vaxxer' groups on social media, with one doubling in size overnight.

NHS Workers for Choice, No Restrictions for Declining a Vaccine went from 250 members yesterday to more than 500.

Accounts in the group have compared the Pfizer jab to 'poison', opposed the wearing of masks and railed against testing in hospitals.

The group is reported to include Sheffield-based GP Julie Coffey - who has said she will not wear masks in shops - A&E nurses, healthcare assistants and lab workers.

But it has been slapped with a warning label telling people to visit the NHS website for advice on vaccinations.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock yesterday branded the group's message 'entirely inappropriate'.

The private Facebook page claims it was not started as an anti-vaxxer movement but was to help healthcare workers.

But a probe found members say the Pfizer vaccine, which has had positive initial results from its clinical trial, was 'poison' and a frozen virus waiting to be 'unleashed'.

The group was started as 'NHS workers for choice, not restrictions for not wanting a vaccine' on October 4.

But it changed its name to 'NHS workers for choice, no restrictions for declining a vaccine' on the same day.

The admins are listed as William Steed, Linda Rose, Heather Atkinson and Aurora Cavarra.

* News / Meet The New Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Board Members 2020-2023 by katty: November 17, 2020, 04:35:35 PM

The Board members are as follows;
1.  Chairman must be a nurse

2. The Head, Nursing Services FMOH - Member

3. Four (4) Heads of Nursing Services in a State Ministry of Health:

4. Two (2) Heads of Nursing Services of the University Teaching Hospitals in the country:

5. Two (2) Nurses from the Faculty of Nursing :

6. Four (4) Tutors from Schools of Nursing, Midwifery, Psychiatric and Public Health:

7. Two (2) persons to represent Nursing and Midwifery Association:

(NANNM President)

(NANNM Secretary)

8. One (1) person who is an adviser on Secondary Education from Federal Ministry of Education Member:

9. Two (2) persons to rep. public interest:

10. Two (2) persons to rep. universities offering degree programmes in nursing:

11. One (1) registered Obstetric & Gynecologist

Names of members of the Governing Board of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria for 2020 to 2023.

1. Dr, (Mrs) Bola Ofi (Chairman)
2. Mrs Veronica Okolo
3. Comrade Abdrafiu A. Adeniji,
4. Comrade T. A. Shettima,
5. Mr. Aminu Bello Abdullahi
6. Mrs. Ajayi Olubukunola
7. Mrs. Agbo Stella Onyeamaka
8. Safiya Yusuf Idris
9. Mrs. Maymunat A. Abubakar,
10. Dr. Obute Pauline Binang.
11. Mr. Idris Zubairu,
12. Mrs. Enunwaonye Chimdi H.
13. Mr.Danladi Adamu,
14. Prof. Ajibade Bayo Lawal,
15. Dr. Abdurrahman
16. Muhammad Sani,
17. Mr. Maigari Babaji
18. Mrs. Akpoyovwere Obataze J.
19. Dr. Joy O. Agbara,
20. Mrs. Florence Okafor,
21. Mr. Umar Fodio
22. Mr. Sunday Idubor.

* MCPDP / Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Online License Renewal Update by katty: November 14, 2020, 07:06:58 PM
1. Please note that upload of WCEA certificates or Course Summary Report is no longer required on the NMCN licence renewal portal. All courses done by applicants on WCEA CPD will be automatically seen in the applicants licence renewal account real time. Remember that 30 hrs CPD is still the minimum requirement for licence renewal till Dec. 31, 2020.
2. WCEA CPD is still acceptable for licence renewal beyond 2020.
3. Applicants can now apply for online application for  licence renewal from 60days to licence expiry date. E.g for licence expiring in Dec. 30, 2020 renewal application can be done now.
4. Application for re-issuance of lost or damaged licence has also been deployed online and application for such service is now available online.
5. If you have issues with authentication code while trying to activate your account send your full name, RN or RM number and functional email address to and you will get feedback within 48hrs (Monday -Friday).
6. Please note that only Change of Name, Licence Renewal, WCEA CPD and Licence Re-issue applications are services available online after qualifying as a Nurse or Midwife.
Thank you.
* Nursing Heroes / All what you need to know about Nurse Docia Kisseih Ghanaian First CNO by katty: November 13, 2020, 10:36:05 PM
Docia Angelina Naki Kisseih (1919 – 2008) was a leading Ghanaian nurse, midwife and educator. She was the first Ghanaian to be the country's Chief Nursing Officer after British colonial rule ended. She was influential in pioneering developments in nursing and nursing education, and in her fifties she began university lecturing while studying to become the first nurse in Ghana with a doctoral degree. She also took on leadership roles in a number of professional organisations.

Born on 13 August 1919 at Odumase, Manya Krobo, her early education was at local Presbyterian schools that had been established by European missionaries: first an infant school and then Krobo Girls Senior High School. In her teens she sometimes accompanied her grandmother, a midwife, when she went to deliver a baby. She spent three years at Achimota School where she obtained her Cambridge Higher School Certificate in 1938, and in 1940 she enrolled at the Korle Bu maternity hospital for three years of nursing training with an emphasis on midwifery. There had been cultural barriers that discouraged young women in Ghana from becoming nurses, while being a midwife was more easily acceptable. The first State Registered Nurses’ Training College was opened in Ghana in 1945.

In 1943 Kisseih embarked on more than thirty years of professional nursing and further training. Since nursing education in Ghana was not yet fully developed, in order to be eligible for senior posts under colonial rule she had to spend some time in the 1950s training for further qualifications in England. In 1961 she was made Chief Nursing Officer of the newly independent Ghana: her job title inherited from the earlier British system. Kisseih wanted to work towards having some university graduates within the nursing profession. As a first step a two-year "post-basic" diploma program to train nursing educators and administrators was established in 1963 through a threeway agreement between the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the Ghanaian government. It attracted nurses from other English-speaking countries in the region as well as from within Ghana. At the same time she oversaw a move away from the traditional British hospital-based system to a more community-based kind of healthcare better suited to Ghanaian society. She developed a new curriculum for nurses, sponsored by the WHO, which emphasised public health and community nursing care with good support for maternal and child health. Kisseih also established a scholarship fund for some nurses to train abroad until a more in-depth education was available locally.

Between 1975 and 1981 she was a lecturer in the Department of Nursing of the University of Ghana while also preparing for her 1980 doctorate at Boston University in the USA., which made her the first nurse in Ghana with a post-graduate degree. 1980 saw the beginning of the first four-year bachelor's degree in nursing at the university's Legon campus. She "transformed and modernised nursing education" with "strong imaginative leadership and initiative", according to the citation accompanying an honorary Doctor of Laws degree conferred on her 89th birthday. It went on to say she had been determined that standards should be high after the post-independence departure of qualified nurses from overseas.

Kisseih was the founder and first president of the Ghana Registered Nurses Association (GRNA) formed in 1960 by a merger of two other nursing bodies, one led by her. She also served on the National Health Planning Committee and the Nurses and Midwives Board. She was an African representative to, and a worldwide committee member of, the International Council of Nurses and was their vice-president from 1973-77. She was also involved in voluntary organisations like the Ghana Red Cross Society, the Girl Guides, the St. John Ambulance Association, the St John's Council of Ghana and the Manya Krobo Youth Congress. She was honoured by the state in 1984 and in 1986 her portrait was put on the 100 cedi banknote.

Her honorary degree was conferred ceremonially at Docia Kisseih's home because of her frailty and she died later that month, in August 2008. In 2015 the GRNA instituted a series of lectures to be called the Dr Docia Kisseih Memorial Lectures.

* News / Why Ghanaian Nurses And Midwives Should Take Active Roles In Politics by katty: November 13, 2020, 12:17:27 PM
The Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwifes’ Association (GRNMA) on Wednesday held its 4th Dr. Docia Kisseih memorial lectures with a call on nurses to actively get involved in politics.

Colonel Vida Otoo (Rtd) who made the call in Accra, said nurses needed to be politically active because politics was a means for them to advocate for patients as well as shape the care environment.

She observed that nurses had over the years failed to address the political issues that affected their work due to the lack of appreciation of politics and the legislative processes.

She said the political skills of nurses and midwives’ must be brought to bear on health reforms and advocacy.

“We need power and the courage that will enable us as individuals or groups to realize our will even against opposition. It is time for nurses and midwives to lead the way in redesigning the healthcare system,” she said.

Commenting on the theme for the Dr Docia memorial lecture: ‘Policy, Politics and the Nursing and Midwifery Professions in Ghana; A Need for Change,” Col Otoo said nurses must dare to influence and lead policy processes in their interest.

The late Dr Docia Naki Kisseih was a leading Ghanaian nurse, midwife and educator. She was the first Ghanaian to be a Chief Nursing Officer in independent Ghana.

She was influential in pioneering development in nursing and nursing education. In her fifties, she began university lecturing while striding to become the first nurse in Ghana with a doctorate degree.

Col Otoo stated that nurses and midwives were being frustrated by policies affecting nursing practices particularly, when the policies were written by individuals with limited healthcare knowledge and experiences related to their profession.

“If nurses do not stand up to issues that are important to them, those with competing interest in healthcare may be the only voices that would be heard,” she said.

She called on managers of the GRNMA to advocate for a review in structures of nursing to enable them to increase their representation at all levels.

Col Otoo stressed the need for the School of Nursing and Midwifery to incorporate political education into its curriculum on a grand scale with emphasis on policy development and methods that influenced political processes.

She urged nurses and midwives to do more research in their field of work, saying research was not for journals alone, “we must continue to document and broadcast who we are, what we do and why it matters to patients, policymakers and the delivery of meaningful healthcare to all.”

Mrs. Perpetual Ofori-Ampofo, President of the GRNMA, said the lecture was part of the Association’s 60th anniversary celebration.

She said the theme for the 4th Dr Docia Memorial lecture was informed by many calls on the union to address issues of portraits of people in nurses’ uniforms who were non-nurses splashed on billboards of political parties, student nurses and midwives purported to joining political rallies among others.

She said negotiations for better conditions of service for members were over and signed off. What is left is for the leadership of the Association to ensure its implementation by the 1st of January 2021.

Mrs Ofori-Ampofo said the GRNMA would by January 2021 go paperless to ensure that its members’ application were submitted online

“The COVID-19 pandemic has not spared us even as health professionals, as at July 2020, over 800 of our members have been infected, out of which three lost their lives,” she said

She said the coronavirus was around hence the need for all to be mindful of their hygiene protocols and wear mask at all time.

The GRNMA president also called on political parties, traditional leaders and all Ghanaians to espouse peace in the upcoming elections.

Source: GNA
* Schools of Nursing / Kaduna State School of Midwifery 2021 Midwifery Refresher Course Application by katty: November 13, 2020, 12:15:16 PM
Notice of Sale of Application Form for Admission into REFRESHER BASIC MIDWIFERY Programme

The sale of Online Application Forms for admission into REFRESHER BASIC MIDWIFERY programme at Nana Babajo School of Midwifery Malumfashi has commence on Monday 9th November 2020.

Cost of Form: Five Thousand One Hundred Naira ₦5,100 (excluding bank charges)

Method of Application

1. Visit the College's website:

2. Click on Apply Online

3. Click on Application Instructions to read and follow the instructions and application guidelines for the Online Application.


1. The programme is NOT for Secondary School Leavers.

2. Applicants MUST have evidence of ELIMINATION and the O-level requirement.

Support Line

09083024636, 07086711766, 08035096383, 07061098321

* Nursing Heroes / St Thomas' NHS Trust celebrates legacy of NHS’ First Black Nurse from Nigeria by katty: November 11, 2020, 07:53:07 PM
Nursing leaders at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust have told how the story of pioneering Black nurse Kofoworola Abeni Pratt had provided them with inspiration in their own careers.

To mark Black History Month in October, the trust has been shining light on Kofoworola, who was the first Black nurse to work in the NHS but whose name is not well known.

    “Her experiences have paved the way for Black nurses like myself to be determined to achieve"

Nigeria-born Kofoworola came to the UK in 1946 and attended the Nightingale Training School for Nurses at St Thomas’ Hospital.

She qualified as a state registered nurse in 1950 in spite of her father’s disproval of nursing as a suitable career choice.

It was also unusual for a married woman such as she was to enter the profession at that time.

She worked for the NHS for four years, the first qualified Black nurse to do so, and held positions at Evelina London Children’s Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospital.

In 1954, Kofoworola returned to Nigeria and was instrumental in developing modern nursing practices in the country following its independence from British rule.

She went on to become chief nursing officer for Nigeria and was the first Black woman to be named vice-president of the International Council of Nurses.

Two nurses from Guy's and St Thomas' explained the significance of Kofoworola’s legacy for them and other Black nurses.

Kendra Schneller

Kendra Schneller, a nurse practitioner in the trust’s health inclusion team, said: “Kofoworola has been an inspiration to me because despite the challenges she faced working as the first Black nurse in the NHS and in her native Nigeria, she did not let that hold her back from pursuing her goals.

“Her experiences have paved the way for Black nurses like myself to be determined to achieve and continue the belief that we are the change makers and the effort must continue.”

Alice Denga, head of nursing for women’s and gynaecology, said she was “in awe” of Kofoworola and what she achieved.

    “She has inspired me to overcome challenges in my career, to persevere and to never give up"

    Alice Denga

“Her determined spirit shows that you should never allow anything to distract you from pursuing a dream,” added Ms Denga.

“She has inspired me to overcome challenges in my career, to persevere and to never give up.

“The passion that I have for providing the best possible care for patients through developing cohesive teams has always been my focus and I hope to continue for many years to come.”

Alice Denga

Both Ms Schneller and Ms Denga recently shared their experiences for a “career conversation” webinar held by Guy’s and St Thomas’ as part of its Black History Month activities. 

This year the pair also became ‘Nightingale Nurses’, having received the Nightingale Nurse and Midwife Award.

The award is unique to Guy’s and St Thomas’ and recognises nurses and midwives who demonstrate outstanding practice and play out the trust’s values on a daily basis.

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