US Nurse Registration Guide: How To Become A Registered Nurse in US

Started by Administrator, Sep 24, 2022, 10:22 PM

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1. Complete cgfns application form  pick CES professional report and pay the application fees of $420

2. Download the forms for transcript and verification.

3. Sign and send the transcript form to your Nursing school to be sent to cgfns (address to be sent to is on the form)

4. Apply for verification with your Nursing Board to be sent to cgfns. For those in Nigeria apply for verification online, the verification fees cost approximately #69, 000. You will need to have your license, certificate of registration with Nursing council and the signed cgfns verification request form in PDF format saved on your computer as you will need to upload everything online. To apply for verification see How to Apply for Online Verification with NMCN

5. Proceed to cgfns message centre on your portal to upload your WAEC/Neco/ certificates.

6. Wait for cgfns to receive all your documents (it takes at least 28 days after cgfns receives your documents before it is uploaded on your portal)

7. Immediately cgfns receives all your file or documents proceed to create an account with Texas board of Nursing (don't worry you can change to any State after passing Nclex). To create account click and after logging in click on Apply for License to complete the application

8. After completing the form, make the application fees payment of $75

9. Get FBI fingerprint card either from me or any other source. I have the cards available in Nigeria, UK and Ghana, you can PM here or on WhatsApp on +2348066640382

10. Thumbprint on the card (you can do this at home, just watch youtube videos on how to do it. Roll your finger from outer fingernails to inner fingernails, not too light or too dark.) I advice you practice on a paper before thumbprinting on the card and please send at least 2 cards (although only 1 is needed)

11. Proceed to register with identogo pick the last option that says submit a fingerprint by mail complete the form and pay the fees of about $38. Printout the payment acknowledgement slip which contains the address you will be sending the card to.

12. Complete the FBI fingerprint card. For  ORI part write

13. Put the thumbprinted card together with the printout into a single envelope and send it to the address on the payment slip. Once it gets there you will be finally notified and told if successful or not

14. Proceed to sit for jurisprudence exam while your fingerprint is on the way (you can do it earlier, it doesn't matter which particular order you do it). To register for jurisprudence exam click  to prepare for jurisprudence exam watch these 2 videos

Those are the 2 videos you need to pass the exam

After the exam, your CES report has been issued and you are ready to sit for the nclex within the next 6 months, register with Pearson by creating an account and paying the $200. To register for an account with Pearson click

An ATT will be sent to you within 2 weeks and you can go back to Pearson website above to book your Exam and pick a date.

For questions please ask them here, I will try my best to answer all.


Thanks for the post. I got my ATT with TBON and couldn't go for my exam due to lockdown but now that I'm interested in continuing my application, how do I start from here?


Quote from: Sentinel on Oct 11, 2022, 05:33 AMThanks for the post. I got my ATT with TBON and couldn't go for my exam due to lockdown but now that I'm interested in continuing my application, how do I start from here?

1. Login into your TBON application form and complete retest application form. Then make the payment of $75
2. If yiur verification from Nursing board is more than a year you will need to download the verification form and apply for verification with your nursing board.
3. Register with Pearson and pay the registration fees of $200
4. Once all these are completed another Att will be sent to you

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