Indian Nurses in Malta Wins Cricket Match For Malta Against Romania

Started by Administrator, Sep 25, 2022, 04:30 PM

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A group of Indian nurses, who migrated to Malta anticipating a career in medical profession, have found fame in the central Mediterranean country for something that doesn't have any link with their nursing career of many years.

The migrant medical professionals have become a part of Malta's female T20I team and won their debut match against Romania last month.

The team has over 20 players, majority of whom are nurses from India. Ironically none of them has any experience in cricket. Few players in the team are from other countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, the Philippines, South Africa and the UK. No player in the team is from Malta.

The team won Continental Cupby 3-0 on August 28.

Skipper Shamla Cholassery, a medical nurse from Kerala, led the team to unprecedented triumph, paving pay for a future of the game in Malta.

Shamla reached Malta in 2019 as a care assistant. She later passed her written exam and started working there as a nurse.

She, along with few other women from India, responded to an advertisement which suggested Malta Cricket Association was setting up its first women's cricket team and was looking for players.

The team's coach, Lee Tuck, toldThe Nationalhe was overwhelmed by the response he got when he wanted to set up a women's cricket team. He also said that it took only six months for the team to master the game.

Tuck said players have now become celebrity in Malta after winning their maiden game and more people have started developing interest in the game.


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