Doctors, Nurses others Will Be Labour Party Agent At Polling Units

Started by Administrator, Sep 25, 2022, 12:22 AM

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In order to avoid manipulation of their results at the polling units, the Labour Party (LP) has declared that doctors, nurses and other medical professionals will serve as their agents in the 2023 presidential election.

National chairman of the Labour Party, Barr Julius Abure, said Nigerians are ready to take back their country, adding that the party will ensure that they block every loophole for rigging.

Speaking when Docs&Medics4PeterObi, a movement by healthcare professionals to install a frugal, pragmatic and responsible government led by Mr Peter Obi and Sen Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, visited his office, Abure said he wants the list of all the medical personnels across the country so that they can serve as the party's agents at the polling units.

"The support we are getting is unprecedented. Let me commend the medical doctors, nurses and other health personnel for supporting Peter Obi.

"The level of work and the amount of passion you have out into this project is unprecedented. Medical Doctors, Nurses and other health personnel will act as our agents in their polling units, " Abure said, adding that they are ahead of people who may want to rig the election.
He further said, "We are ahead of the people who are planning to rig the election at the polling units level. The current electoral act has made our votes secured and stop rigging at the polling unit through the electronic transmission of election results.

"Send the list of Doctors and nurses at the polling units since they can't be compromised at the polling. They will serve as our agents. If the medical people are there, our votes will count.

"Come 2023, I am convinced that we will win the election. The political narrative of Nigeria will change. That is why I am no longer sleeping. The Labour Party and Peter Obi will bring good governance. When the time comes for campaigns, when we roll out our plans, other parties will park their things and go. Ensure we deliver Peter Obi in 2023," Abure said.

Speaking, the leader of Docs&Medics4PeterObi, Dr Uche Uzoukwu said their association is in all the polling units adding that they are out to influence 100,000 Nigeria Health practitioners to mobilize more than 30 million citizens to take back their country and vote for the Labour Party at the presidential election in 2023.

Uzoukwu said medical doctors who are leaving the country are asking the people staying back whether their heads are not correct.

"We will stay and take back our country. The nurses, Pharmacist Laboratory including the security personnel working in the hospital have formed state groups, local government groups and are now moving to the ward level.

"We have inaugurated our ward leaders, now moving down to the polling units. We want to grow to 500,000 medical workers and encourage them to get in touch with 50 people which will give us 25 million votes for Peter Obi.

Source: Leadership News

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